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Hey everyone,Allan here - thanks for checking out this site! I've been hammering away for almost 2 months ALL DAY every DAY - building the Fume FX Core Fundamentals training series. I didn't plan to devote so much time to building this but I kept adding to this and it's now by far the biggest most comprehensive DVD Set I've ever created, And I finally hit the double DVD size! It's TWO DVD's and 13 hours of killer videos! I want this to be the Holy Grail of Fume Training, so there's not really going to be anything quite like it. I'm pretty confident that there's not any Fume training on the web that really comes close to comparing to this, and I'm really proud to be able to say that!

Check it out, if you want to see some sample videos and other stuff I've been doing for it, opt-in at the bottom and I'll send you some extra OTHER COOL STUFF!! Thanks guys! - Allan



Key Features

* Over 13 Hours and 70 Videos of Training Tutorial Videos covered across 2 DVD discs!

* Not only is every feature of Fume FX covered in depth, but each feature is explained and usually demonstrating different ways to use it in production, as well as a lot of additional ways you probably haven't really thought of using it, and tricks day to day used in production to wield the best results.

* Learn to optimize your fluid sims to increase simulation speeds, remove memory foot-print and also optimize the file size of your simulations to sometimes be as low as 1% of your original file size, saving disk space, lowering tension on the network and requiring far less memory to render! (that means you get to make bigger sims)

* Well over Seventy Tutorials!

* Master creating high resolution sims, going up as far as 1600x2500x1600 in spacing resolution in your dynamic grid!

* Create Large Scale Smoke and Fire simulations, including billowing oil burning smoke pillars, Volcanos and other cool effects! (Check out the trailer above to see some of these in action)

* PDF Print outs of various tips and tricks, simulation optimization booklets and other cool stuff!

* Techniques all developed from actual production shots and situations requiring finding resolution and new ways to create specific visual effects.

* Learn to create the exact same effects used in a lot of upcoming feature films from 2011, a majority of the exercises here are directly based on actual feature film productions.

* Gain a better understanding of what's going on 'under the hood' in Fume and other associated FX tools, so you can better use them for your FX purposes



"Allan McKay has been using FumeFX from the very beginning and during his career he's been working on many blockbuster movies, so make sure to listen what he has to tell you."

- Kresimir Tkalcec, Creator of Fume FX - Sitni Sati


"I have learned so much from Allan's tutorials!
From pFlow to FumeFX, maxscripting and Afterburn he always knows how to give clear explanations and inspire you to use the tools with originality in order to help you get feature film quality in your work.
And he certainly deserves a black belt (fourth Dan) for its mastery of the FumeFX Art. "

- STROB, Creator of Iron Baby


Allan has been a huge part of my career as an FX artist in the industry. His tutorials have help me build a strong foundation of FX knowledge and tricks.
His training is by far the best ones out there. He is one of the best in the industry and the best at teaching it.
I still buy his dvds just to see how he works and his reasoning behind the way he works. There is always something new you can learn from Allan.
I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

- Benjamin Liu, Senior Technical Director - Sony Imageworks


"I had a recent need to learn FumeFX on an accelerated time frame. Allan's latest training material has been priceless. He starts off with in-depth videos of each FumeFX feature and then dives into various real world production cases. Because Allan is a great teacher as well as a FumeFX power user, the videos are easy to follow yet the topics addressed are pretty complex in nature.. and he keeps the training fun and fresh. Highly recommended!"

- Francois Antoine, Senior FX Artist - Epic Games


" I was in university in my second year when I stumbled across Allans Training videos. They proved to be an invaluable resource in honing my skills to industry standards. Allan provides excellent techniques on new and innovative ways to use FumeFX."

- Andrew Melynchuk, FX Artist - Blizzard Entertianment


"Allan's longstanding series on fumefx et al comes to a pinnacle in his latest release. This is pretty much the standard of which all Vfx related training should be - concise, thorough and exceptionally well informed. If you're into Vfx, you need this, no matter your experience level."

Pete Draper, Co-founder - Makuta VFX


“Allan never ceases to amaze me. He shows all of the versatility and incredible power that products like FumeFX and Particle Flow have to offer in a way that’s easy to understand and absorb. I always feel like I’ve learned a lot of incredibly valuable techniques after watching his videos.”

Beau Perschall, Vice President - TurboSquid Inc


"Allan McKay is great to share his experienced knowledge, his videos and workshop are interesting and fun at the same time. There is not one project I do without using what I learned from Allan, he didn't just teach me how it works, but also why it works this way. His explanations are clear, well structured and fun to watch. It's always a pleasure to see more from him. I wouldn't have the job I have today without the training of Allan McKay and everything I've learned from it. Great, entertaining and up to date, his examples are always based on reel shot you will have to do as FX artist."

Simone Lombardo, Technical Director - Pixomondo


Allan's work is always inspiring & ahead of the game, so for the busy fx artist like myself taking a quick & intensive course with Allan is always a good investment for your career.

Stephen Macfarlane, Freelance FX Artist in the UK


I always learned a lot from his tutorials and workshops. It definitely helped me to become a FX TD.
You wont just learn what button to push, but really how to build solid workflows.

Ruben Mayor, Senior FX Technical Director




"This DVD is designed to be the secret weapon all FX TD's should have, not only when initially grasping new features and mastering Fume, but also something to refer back to constantly during production as a secret manual on how to kick ass in the production workplace."


Chapter 1
Chapter 1.1 - Fume FX Core Fundamentals Introduction
Chapter 1.2 - Fume FX 2(+2.1) New Features - Taking a Closer Look

Chapter 2
Chapter 2.1 - Interface Overview Introduction & Key Tutorials
Chapter 2.2.1 A - General Paramters - Key General Parameters Overview
Chapter 2.2.1 B - General Parameters - Dynamic Adaptive Grids In-depth
Chapter 2.2.2 A - General Tab - Introduction
Chapter 2.2.2 B - General Tab - Range
Chapter 2.2.2 C - General Tab - Viewport Update
Chapter 2.2.2 D - General Tab - Channels
Chapter 2.2.2 E - General Tab - Output Cache
Chapter 2.2.2 F - General Tab - Playback
Chapter 2.2.2 G - General Tab - Out of Range Types
Chapter 2.2.2 H - General Tab - Cache Types
Chapter 2.2.2 I - General Tab - FumeFX Maxscript
Chapter 2.3.1 A - Simulation Tab - Introduction
Chapter 2.3.1 B - Simulation Tab - Maximum Quality
Chapter 2.3.1 C - Simulation Tab - Maximum Iterations
Chapter 2.3.1 D - Simulation Tab - Variable Density Solver
Chapter 2.3.1 E - Simulation Tab - Advection Stride
Chapter 2.3.1 F - Simulation Tab - Cubic Interpolation
Chapter 2.3.1 G - Simulation Tab - Gravity
Chapter 2.3.1 H - Simulation Tab - Timescale
Chapter 2.3.1 I - Simulation Tab - Vorticity
Chapter 2.3.1 J - Simulation Tab - Velocity Dampening
Chapter 2.3.1 K - Simulation Tab -Turbulence
Chapter 2.3.1 L - Simulation Tab - Blocking Sides
Chapter 2.3.1 M - Simulation Tab - Fuel Rollout
Chapter 2.3.1 N - Simulation Tab -Ignition Temperature
Chapter 2.3.1 O - Simulation Tab - Burn Rate
Chapter 2.3.1 P - Simulation Tab - Heat Production
Chapter 2.3.1 Q - Simulation Tab - Fuel
Chapter 2.3.1 R - Simulation Tab - Smoke From Temperature
Chapter 2.3.1 S - Simulation Tab - Smoke Buoyancy
Chapter 2.3.1 T - Simulation Tab - Smoke Dissipation + Diffusion
Chapter 2.3.1 U - Simulation Tab - Temperature Buoyancy
Chapter 2.3.1 V - Simulation Tab - Recap
Chapter 2.4.1 A - Rendering Tab - Rendering
Chapter 2.4.1 B - Rendering Tab - Container Edges + Post Load
Chapter 2.4.1 C - Rendering Tab - Volume Shading + Channel Data
Chapter 2.4.1 D - Rendering Tab - Fire
Chapter 2.4.1 E - Rendering Tab - Smoke
Chapter 2.4.1 F - Rendering Tab - Fuel
Chapter 2.4.1 G - Rendering Tab - Recap
Chapter 2.5.1 A - Illumination Tab - Lights
Chapter 2.5.1 B - Illumination Tab - Illumination Map
Chapter 2.5.1 C - Illumination Tab - Multiple scattering
Chapter 2.6.1 A - Obj/SRC - All Source Emitters Explained
Chapter 2.7.1 A - File Menu -Load/Save Preset
Chapter 2.7.1 B - File Menu - Initial State Explained
Chapter 2.7.1 C - File Menu - Match Dimensions to File
Chapter 2.7.1 D - File Menu - Preferences + .FDC Files
Chapter 2.7.1 E - File Menu - File Output + Preferences
Chapter 2.8.1 A - WT - Wavelet Turbulence
Chapter 2.8.1 B - WT - Post Processing
Chapter 2.9.1 - Additional File Menu
Chapter 2.9.2 - Modify Panel
Chapter 2.9.3 - Toolbar
Chapter 2.9.4 - Burn Shader Explained

Chapter 3
Chapter 3.1 - Animation Values
Chapter 3.2 - Creating Foam and fluid driven textures
Chapter 3.3 - Particle Flow Shapes as Collision Meshes
Chapter 3.4 - Interactively Painting Fuel
Chapter 3.5 - Per Particle Event Emissions

Chapter 4
Chapter 4.1 - Creating Explosions
Chapter 4.2 - Creating Flamethrower (Cover Art)
Chapter 4.3 - Creating Large Scale Volcano
Chapter 4.4 - Overview of Cover Art's Creation + GI
Chapter 4.5 - Realistic Large Scale Fire
Chapter 4.7 - Real Flow vs Fume, Getting Liquid and Fire to interact







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