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The much anticipated Advanced Visual Effects series returns with Volume 3, focused on many of 3D Studio Max's advanced solutions for visual effects for use in both Hollywood feature films and game cinematics

Taking advantage of many of the latest technologies and utilized to create ground breaking new approaches to visual effects, Allan McKay takes us through over 11 hours of training content on subjects such Fume FX, Krakatoa, Rayfire, Compositing, Advanced FX Rigging, Simulating water, Fracturing, Fire, Maxscripting to build sophisticated production tools and many new dynamics set ups such as used with Pflow Tools Box 2.

in Advanced VFX Vol 3 - We go through how to build many ground breaking effects to popular topics like Tornado's, Magic, Explosions, Character Effects etc. afterward advancing into the area of building these effects into a more automated pipeline so that we are able to have them dynamically change and adapt to the set ups we give them, allowing our effects to adapt intelligently to what we need. We also write several tools used in actual film production to automate a lot of the painstaking tasks we're required to do, and then take them a step further to create our film effects for us.

1-sprits dripping down soda can
2- vehicles cloaking
3-Krakatoa mapping and Fume displacements
4-Box 2 particle deformations and tearing
5-Creating Krakatoa Dirt Explosions
6-Tornado destroying house
7-Building fracture rigs to tear metal
8-Box 2 birth groups
9-Particle Fracturing Management
10-Magical Effects
11-Creating FX Tools
12-Fracturing and character effects
13-Collapsing Pillars

Based around several recent film and game projects, most of the content created for this DVD is entirely from actual production films, from having vehicles cloak and become invisible in a very stylized visual approach, to droplets of water sprits on a can that procedurally run down it based on it's motion. How to tear metal and have it buckle and deform from an explosion, as we look at developing tools and new approaches to rigging up objects to not only fracture and tear but allow us complete control in efficiently animating these effects.

We also delve into creating various types of explosions, as well as mortar blasts and hundreds of millions of particles with Krakatoa to create a realistic dirt explosions, and utilizing them as assets to then generate effects for large battle scenes. Fracture geometry and choreograph large amounts of pillars and buildings collapsing and other effects, discussions on using pflow box 2's dynamics, but still with all the controls of particles, as well as tearing objects through it's Particle Skinner solver. As well as multiple hero tutorials that are aimed at entire actual vfx shots and setting them up, rendering and compositing them.

This is by far the most advanced FX content out there, and available with rich content on popular topics, and explained intuitively enough that anyone can follow these steps and better understand the process and workflow.

From the initial construction of each layer of the effects, through to rendering out each pass and constructing a heavy 2D composite to bring all of the render elements together, tweaking each layer and utilizing compositing tricks to enhance the overall visual effect.Not only do we cover how to create these effects but we also go through many of the processes and workflow involved to expand on this knowledge and take it to the next level, and apply these methods into a working environment, optimize simulations and build other effects to complement the overall quality of your work.

With over 11 hours of advanced training content designed for intermediate to expert level artist but designed in a way that any 3D user should be able to follow and understand -, the entire training content is guaranteed to raise the level of anyone's visual effects work, teaching them core techniques and evolving into Hollywood blockbuster visual effects methods.
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Allan McKay is an award winning Hollywood veteran with over 15 years of experience working both on feature films and tv commercials for some of the most prestige studios across the globe, including Blur Studio, Industrial Light + Magic, Frantic Films/Prime Focus, Ubisoft, Digital Dimension & dozens more. Allan has been acknowledged for his work on many high profile projects as well as being guest speaker on both panels and at conferences around the world including Siggraph, Digital Media Festival, Game Connect AP, CG Overdrive, Software and Film launches as well as holding master classes to not only talk about his previous work but also help teach and tutor other up and coming film and visual effects students.

Being placed in many roles he has both supervised and directed many small to large scale projects on set as well as in post production. Coming from an artist background and working his way up through his career, as with most successful creative's and business owners – he’s been through the trenches during his early career and learned the business from inside to out.

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