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Creature FX Volume 1 takes visual effects to a whole new level, introducing many advanced industry techniques developed for some of the latest visual effects films and utilizing up to date software and methods to create blockbuster visual effects!

This series is designed to focus on dozens of the visual effects assosiated with character and creatues and other organic and animated subjects

In Creature FX volume 1 - we go through the entire process for creating character disintegration effects, similiar to the visual effects created for the upcoming action feature film Day Breakers (release date early 2010) to create a character bursting into flames and burning away each layer of the character through advanced particle systems, scripting, fluids and advanced shader techniques.


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From the initial construction of each layer of the effects, through to rendering out each pass and constructing a heavy 2D composite to bring all of the render elements together, tweaking each layer and utilizing compositing tricks to enhance the overall visual effect


Not only do we cover how to create this effect, but also how to create an intuitive workflow process for building the entire visual effects pipeline, so we are able to make changes on the fly and the entire system update and adapt, but also replicate the pipeline easily for dozens of other effects shots!

With over 8 hours of advanced training content designed for intermediate to expert level artist but designed in a way that any 3D user should be able to follow and understand -, the entire workshop is gauranteed to raise the level of anyone's visual effects work, teaching them core techniques and evolving into Hollywood blockbuster visual effects methods.

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About the Author

Allan McKay is a Hollywood veteran with over a decade of experience working both on feature films and tv commercials for some of the most prestige studios across the globe. Allan has been acknowledged for his work on many high profile projects as well as being guest speaker on both panels and at conferences around the world including Siggraph, Digital Media Festival, Game Connect AP, CG Overdrive, Software and Film launches as well as holding master classes to not only talk about his previous work but also help teach and tutor other up and coming film and visual effects students.

Being placed in many roles he has both supervised and directed many small to large scale projects on set as well as in post production. Coming from an artist background and working his way up through his career, as with most successful creative's and business owners – he’s been through the trenches during his early career and learned the business from inside to out.


Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased the DVD - What now?

You will be emailed your login and password and location to download the files from. If it doesn't arrive right away please be patient, sometimes it takes a few hours to process, however most of the time it is instant. If at anytime you have questions, feel free to email myself at or my support team at with any questions
How fast is the server I download the files from?
The server is lightning fast and completely stable, so downloading at whatever speed your connection can handle shouldn't be a problem. Some users have managed to download the entire DVD in a little over an hour.
Does the character model come with the DVD?
Unfortunately getting the rights to use other peoples models is a lengthy and painful process, so please keep in mind that there is no character model that comes with the DVD, however you can easily follow the DVD without it, and if you like there are plenty of places to download free 3D models to use for this workshop.